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Decorating Your Home for Lilac Time in Lombard, IL

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Lilac Time is a special time in Lombard, Illinois. A longtime tradition, Lilac Time takes place each May and celebrates the Village of Lombard which is famous for its numerous lilacs. I like to observe Lilac Time by decorating the interior and exterior of my home with lilac flowers. Here in the Midwest, Mother Nature is still temperamental and inconsistent this time of year which makes it challenging to start planting and potting flowers. So to tame my Spring Fever, I like to incorporate faux lilac flowers outside. I dig my hanging baskets and some of my large flower pots out of storage and fill them with lilacs. Once the lilac bushes start to bloom, the faux flowers start to look genuine. I also add wreaths adorned with lilac flowers to my back and front doors. This allows me to add some color to the exterior of my home and emerging landscape.

On the inside of my home, I like to include a floral lilac centerpiece in my dinning room and decorate the place settings at the table with lilac placemats and complementary floral-print cloth napkins. Other rooms like the kitchen, guest room and powder rooms get accessorized for this special time of year with other lilac effects like lilac printed plates, framed lilac photos and postcards, lilac colored votive holders and lilac smelling candles. I also like to include fresh-cut lilacs throughout my home as well. This tradition of decorating my home this time of year is a reminder to me and my family that spring is in the air!

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Valentines Day Decorating Doesn’t Have to be Complicated or Expensive

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This time of year can feel “blah” to most of us since the holidays are behind us and most of us are either knee deep in snow, or hibernating and waiting for winter’s deep freeze to past. Once all of our holiday decorations are down, our homes inside and out start to feel blah and bland to most of us too. A great way to add some color to the exterior of your home is to bring a couple of your flower pots or flower urns out of hibernation and jazz them up for the Valentine’s Day and even St. Patrick’s Day holidays. Recently I took my urns out of the shed and created some simple “Valentine bouquets” using inexpensive items that I found at my local retail store. I probably spent no more than $7.00 total to complete both of my urns.

I first weighted down my urns with rocks, since Mother Nature can become quite windy in the Midwest during the winter months. I then added some floral foam on top of the rocks and covered the opening of my urns with a handled plastic bag. Next, to the plastic bag, I affixed metallic tissue paper and then shred, as if to create a pillow or nest on top of each urn.

I weighted my “nest” down with a metallic centerpiece, sort of like something you would use as a centerpiece at a party or something you would use as a balloon weight. I then placed some heart picks around my urns, piercing my metallic nest and going all of the way down to the floral foam. I then finished off my urns with a big red bow.

Before placing my urns outside in the elements, I sprayed them really well with an all purpose adhesive, paying close attending to the metallic shreds. I gave the urns a couple of good coats and then placed them outside. Believe it or not, my urns have been outside on my front porch for nearly a month now, (they went outside as soon as the Christmas decorations came down), and everything is still intact!

Amber Hogan, Owner

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